Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Telling Your Story

After Aubrey and Ellie died I was hellbent on making sure they did not become our family secret.  The thought that their lives would be kept on the down-low so that other people were not made uncomfortable by their tragic story was unacceptable to me. They are my children, their lives counted, and I wanted people to know about them. 

In the beginning I will admit I took it too far.  I told complete strangers that my babies just died.  I sprung it on the checkout girl and the passenger next to me on the plane. I regularly mortified others and embarrassed myself by bursting into tears in a public place, but in all honesty, I didn't care. It was one of the few things that gave me a strange sense of comfort.  I was Aubrey and Ellie's ambassador. If I didn't represent for them, who would? 

My passion to carry a torch for them still burns white-hot but thankfully it has evolved.  Instead of shocking the sweet checkout girl I have Teamotions.  My tea company allows me to tell the world about my girls in a way that touches hearts instead of stuns them.  My girls have a powerful legacy now that is worthy of them and brings me a profound sense of peace.  

I find so much comfort in telling Aubrey and Ellie's story this way that I wanted to make it possible for other mothers to use it too. 

The babylost community is a diverse one.  And we all choose to honor our babies in different ways.  Some of us outwardly, others more privately.  Yet, some of us are struggling to find the right way to tell others about the babies we've lost.  If this is you, let Teamotions help you.

We've created a work from home business opportunity that is touching lives.  Our Teamotions Consultants draw from their own life experience and compassion to comfort others with our message of hope and healing through tea. Our consultants have a powerful story to tell and they use Teamotions as a platform to tell it. It is a safe and appropriate place to tell your story in a way that moves, inspires, and offers hope to others. Being able to give back and encourage others in their difficulties is a powerful healing tool.  It transforms our pain from crippling to empowering and heals our hearts in an inexplicable way. 

Nothing will fully remove the pain of losing our babies.  Everyday I wake up and miss my girls.  I just miss them.  And I'd trade my company and all the good it has done in two second flat to have my girls back.  But my girls are not coming back so I have decided to embrace this amazing opportunity to do some good for others and if a little of that good spills over to mend my own aching heart I am okay with that too.  

If this post has touched your heart and you would like to use Teamotions to tell your story and become a Teamotions Consultant please contact me at rachel@teamotionstea.com.  Also, download this information PDF about how being a consultant works.  Please check out our website as well www.teamotionstea.com for more information about our teas.

If you'd like to taste our teas or experience a Teamotions tea tasting please find a consultant in your area by going to the where to find page on our website or contact me.  I highly recommend experiencing a tea tasting.  They are not tea parties but interactive, educational, and inspiring tastings where you will learn all about our company, our teas, and how to foster hope and healing through tea.  Tastings are free and truly life changing.

Sign up to be a Teamotions Consultant by Jan 25th and recieve 3 free tins of tea to sell at 100% profit-that is a $42 value!  

If you know someone who would love to be a Teamotions consultant, send me their name, email, and phone number and if they sign up I will send you a free tin of tea of your choice to say thank you for the referral.  

Together we can get our message of hope and healing to all who need it. 

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