Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Aubrey and Ellie

Today is Aubrey and Ellie's Birthday.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girls!

I don't know if we have birthdays in heaven or what "age" we are when we are restored to perfection, but if Aubrey and Ellie were still with us they would be 4 years old today. 

I can't believe four years have passed.  In some ways it feels like it flew by, in others it feels like an eternity.

I have been trying to figure out how to celebrate their birthday this year.  I do something celebratory every year.  I have had parties, made cupcakes, done mostly traditional birthday things, but this year I want to do something different, something special, something meaningful to truly honor the impact their lives have had and cupcakes just didn't seem to cut it.

Two years ago I discovered a  miraculous new product that's sole purpose is to prevent the deaths of infants unable to regulate their body temperatures due to low birth weight or premature birth in developing and third world countries. It is affordable, reusable, safe, and most importantly it works! It is called EMBRACE BABY WARMER and it is not only saving lives around the world but preventing unnecessary grief and broken hearts of mothers who now get to keep babies they would otherwise lose.


 From the Embrace website...This occurs primarily in developing countries, often in areas that don’t have access to innovations in modern medicine. One of the biggest problems these babies face is hypothermia: they are not able to regulate their own body temperature, and therefore cannot stay warm. In fact, room temperature for these small infants feels freezing cold. 4 million babies die within their first month of life. Those that do survive often develop life-long health problems such as early onset of diabetes, heart disease, and low IQ. Such a tragedy can be prevented.

 When Aubrey and Ellie were born I had the blessing of knowing they were receiving the best medical care the world has to offer.  Everything possible was done for them.  But there are mothers out there who lose their babies simply because they don't have access to proper medical care.  It breaks my heart to know that their grief is preventable, that their child's life is saveable.  And if I can do something, anything, to help support both life and hope, I want to do it. 

So I decided to honor Aubrey and Ellie on their birthday this year by making a donation to Embrace to help not only save the lives of babies, but also prevent others mothers from feeling this pain.

If you'd like to honor Aubrey and Ellie today and save lives and prevent grief, please make a donation.  Any donation amount is accepted and makes a difference.  If you can afford a minimum $25 donation you can send a tribute card to Aubrey and Ellie and partner with me to save babies and spread hope! I'd love to know how many others have been touched by Aubrey and Ellie and moved to help other babies on their birthday today.

Our address:
472 Cornwall Glen
Escondido, CA 92027

I may not be able to hold my babies today and be with them on their birthday, but these moms can thanks to EMBRACE and generous people like you.

Happy Birthday Sweet Babies.  What life you inspire in all of us!

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