Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ways to Remeber

I've decided that I want to incorporate Aubrey and Ellie's memory into my life in more creative ways.  I was wondering if any of you out there have suggestions for me. 

Through Teamotions my girls' lives touch many and I get a powerful platform to not only speak about them and tell their story but give hope to other moms like me who think healing is impossible.  I feel so blessed to have my tea company but I don't want to honor my girls just in my business.  I want them in every part of my life just as they are in every nook and cranny of my heart.

I have a memory chest filled with all their things but I don't like that feeling of keeping them in a box in a corner of the house...I'd like them all over the house, in every room, represented in a way that brings smiles-not tears-to our faces.

My sister and I were brain-storming what we could do and we came up with the following ideas:

1) Draw or paint pictures dedicated to each of my daughters and frame them and put them up in the house. I am not an artist so I would have to take some art lessons-but that could be fun!  It wouldn't be obvious the pictures were for Aubrey and Ellie but I would know and I would think of them whenever I saw them.  And if someone asked about any of the pictures I'd have an opportunity to tell them about my girls.

2) Put more of their things out around the house.  I'd love to get a beautiful tall bookshelf to display the blankets my mother crocheted for them and the vases given to me for them. They have books, figurines, and ornaments I could put on the shelves as well.  I could keep fresh flowers in their vases and use the blanket from time to time when my friends visit me with their small babies.  It would be nice to see their things being used and their memory honored.

3) Custom print and frame their Bible verses.  When each of my children were born I picked a verse for them.  I would be nice to see God's word beautifully displayed around the house. I'd like to do this for my living children too.

4) Plant a tree or flower in their honor.  Nurturing a plant or tree is a powerful way to express the nurturing I long to give to Aubrey and Ellie as their mother.  I'd love to watch something grow and produce fruit just as Aubrey and Ellie would have if they were here with us.

5) Let butterflies go!  I saw a lovely photograph of little hands holding a butterfly being set free in honor of a baby gone too soon.  I'd love to have photographs of my boys letting a butterfly go in memory of their sweet sisters framed and up in my home.

6) Donate to charities in Aubrey and Ellie's name.  For their birthday this year I made a donation to EMBRACE baby warmers but I think I will make it a habit.  Every year on their birthday I will donate to a charity/cause on their behalf.  Maybe even more than one!  And eventually I'd like to have a foundation named after Aubrey and Ellie that does all kinds of good.

So far these are all we came up with!   I would love to hear your ideas! 


  1. Planting something is a great idea. We planted a huge garden in place of the pool where Laynee died. I have drawn so much comfort from this garden. It gives me something to tend to when my heart aches to tend to her. We have carefully selected each plant so that there will be color all through the spring, summer, fall and in the winter I string pink lights through the trellis at the garden entrance. In the fall, the anniversary of her death, it is literally bursting with life and color, so like my little girl. We have taken the stones and statue's that were given to us when she died, and stategically placed them. Throughout the garden we laid a stepping stone path that is in the shape of a peace sign.
    Laynee's garden is huge because of the fact that it occupies the same space as the pool but perhaps you could do something on a smaller scale. Perhaps rose bushes in colors that remind you of them planted beside statues of two angels or solar lights that light up the night. Praying that you find something that is just right for you girls.
    Here are a few pics of Laynee's garden

  2. We can't have a garden at our place, so I started some flowers in planters on the patio. It was a little disheartening at first because it seemed like it was taking sooo long for them to start growing, but they are doing great now. And they're a simple, quiet reminder of my babies. We also did a flower garden at my parents' house. I live too far away to see it much, but Mom sends me pictures of it. My brother actually got married in it last week.


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