Saturday, April 14, 2012

Support Our Military

Most of you know that I am not just a baby lost momma but I am also a military wife. My husband is a pilot in the Marine Corps currently stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA but we are soon to be on our way to North Carolina this summer.

Leaving San Diego will be hard. Not only is San Diego a very nice place to live, but I was raised in Southern California so it is home to me. I have never lived anywhere else for more than a few months.

But as the mother of two boys and a dog-all three full of energy- I look forward to a bigger yard and the prospect of a garden. The sticky summers won't be ideal but I welcome everything that will be different with a sense of adventure. Sure, I have to leave some things behind but I know I will gain others in their place.

Such is the life of a this military wife.

Supporting our troops is very important to me, and not just because my husband it one. I see first hand how our military makes untold sacrifices on our behalf and so do their families. They do it willingly and without complaint, but I know from experience it does take a physical and emotional toll.

That is why my company Teamotions has created three new teas that specifically address the emotional needs of our military and their families. If you are not familiar with my company Teamotions we specialize in teas blended with adaptogens- herbs that help the body cope with stress, boost immunity, and foster emotional well-being. We are the first and only line of emotional well-being teas on the market.

These three new teas not only support our military emotionally, but $1 of each tin sold goes directly to support the Semper Fi Fund-a non-profit organization dedicated to the healing and rehabilitation of wounded service members and their families.

BUT...we cannot get these teas into the hands of our military and their families or support the Semper Fi Fund until we PRE-SALE 600 tins (total, not of each). WE MUST REACH THIS GOAL BY APRIL 30th!


Watch the video below and learn how you can help us help our military and support the Semper Fi Fund NOW. And please, don't just watch it, SHARE IT with everyone you know. It is also on our Teamotions youtube page and our Teamotions facebook page.

I tried to upload the video here but it would not let me so here is the link:

For more information go to And don't forget to tweet, facebook, email, yell, call, text, or write EVERYONE you know about our goal of 600 pre-orders by April 30th so they can do their part too! The more who know the more likely we are to meet our goal. It only takes on click to say thank you and support our military and their families.

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