Thursday, October 27, 2011


Driving in the car to school one morning last week my son Dustin asked me if I know what God looks like. I explained to him that we can see God in His creation and see God working in our life, but that we can't actually see Him, at least not until heaven.

"Cool," he said, "God's here, we just can't see him. He's invisible!"

I had to smile as my five-year-old managed to simplify something that always seemed so complex to me.

Then he asked, "What about Jesus? Do you know what he looked like?" So I explained that Jesus became a baby that grew to be a man so he looked human like us, probably darker skin and hair and brown eyes...but Jesus lived before me so I never actually saw him face to face, but when we get to heaven...

Dustin cut me off.

"Don't tell me mom. I know what you are going to say. When we get to heaven Jesus will be revisible."


"Yes. You are exactly right, " I said, "Exactly right."

I dropped Dustin at school and returned home to put my little Colton down for a nap, but I couldn't get the word revisible out of my mind.

There are some invisible things in our lives. Faith is based on those invisible things. Faith is believing in what we have not seen. And yet so much is visible. God's provision, miracles, blessings, creation, God's Word, His grace and is all right there in front of my face.

But even more amazing than the seen or unseen is this third category I have never really given much thought to until now are the things we did see once but can't see right now but will see again- THE REVISIBLE THINGS.

Jesus was visible. Not just his character or his glory, but him, in flesh and blood, was seen, heard and felt. Aubrey and Ellie were visible. I saw them with my own eyes just as Mary saw Jesus sleeping in the manger. Tiny, squirmy, and helpless.

And it is only a matter of time until the once seen will be re-seen. They-Jesus and my girls-will become revisible.

What else will be made revisible I wonder? And will I see it before heaven?

I have mentioned before in previous posts that I am undergoing a transformation of sorts. And I'm looking hard for what has disappeared to reappear. I want to find the things that have been lost. I want to uncover the things burried under the sands of chaos and compromise. I want to see clearly what has been muddled and marred.

Someday my girls will be revisible to me. The picture I have of them in my mind will be replaced with the perfection they are in heaven. And Jesus himself will meet me there as well and I know I will instantly recognize him even though I have technically never seen him with my own eyes.

In the meantime I have quite the journey ahead of me. I look forward to what I get to see...again.
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