Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Take Back

Ok, I know I posted a few days ago that I was taking a break, that I needed to put posting aside for a while. But then it magically disappeared leaving all of you, no doubt, confused.

I even confused myself.

Let me explain...

I am in the process of a complete life restructuring. The first place I am starting is inside my own heart and out from there. It is going to take my full attention so at first I thought that blogging was going to have to be set aside for a while. But after I thought about it a bit I realized that my blog is my heart. My heart for my girls. My heart for God. My heart for other grieving moms and hurting souls.

My blog is a part of me. A good part of me. I just couldn't bare to set it aside.

However, I am not going to be able to post as often. Maybe twice a month. But when I do post I plan to make it count so I hope you'll continue to read it.

So, sorry for the take back. Next time I'll think a bit longer before I speak, um, post.


  1. I haven't read, let alone posted in a while, and I'm gald to hear you're not completely leaving. You'd surely be missed :)
    Life restructuring, now THAT is a lofty goal. I can't wait to hear about your always inspirational happennings.

  2. I read that post a few days ago and was going to come back and comment....but I"m glad you have more to say. I hope this place is therapeutic to you...will be here listening....

  3. So glad you won't be taking a break from blogging here after all :) I am here too, listening. xoxo


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