Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tough Mudder Results

Kasey, Jacqueline, me and Melissa Pre-mudder

It has been a week since Tough Mudder So Cal. I had to let the dust settle before I posted about it because well...

I didn't cross the finish line.

Four hours, ten obstacles, and 5.5 miles up the mountain the cold became too much for me. The combination of 45 degree water and wind sent be back down the mountain hypothermic and exhausted. After a few hours under warm blankets I was as good as new-well almost- except for a few bumps and scrapes and a bit of a bruised ego.

The rest of my team made it (Kasey, Melissa, and Jacqueline-best teammates ever). They pushed through the cold, the wet, and the hours of literal mountain climbing to earn their orange headbands. And trust me, they did earn them.

The day wasn't all bad though. There were definite highlights. I found out that I actually enjoy belly-crawling through water, mud and gravel and I did better than I thought I'd do on the monkey bars. Kasey gets the monkey bar award of the day though. We watched her dominate until some random girl popped up out of the water below and knocked her off three bars before the end. We couldn't believe it! She was so close. For me though, the best moments of the whole day was our amazing display of teamwork as we carried a very heavy, very large log up and back down a very steep hill. It was a good moment for us.

I also learned a lot about myself. I learned that failure isn't always failure. I took a huge giant step outside of my comfort zone to even attempt a Tough Mudder. I think it is important to try things that we might not succeed at. If we only do what we know we can do then we won't grow or be strengthened. And for me, this chapter is not closed. I will try again. I'm not done. I won't be satisfied until I cross the finish line and get that orange headband too.

I will however learn from my mistakes. I will dress better, fuel better, and be in better cardiovascular condition. Isn't that life though. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations we thought we were ready for only to discover we weren't. But that doesn't mean we just throw in the towel. It means that we have to get more ready, try harder, and, no matter how may tries it takes, finish.

I'll keep you posted on my next Tough Mudder adventure. I am thinking NorCal in September or Texas in October. In the meantime here are a few pictures of the day.



Me and Melissa

Melissa, Jacqueline, T-Rex, me, and Kasey Post-Mudder


  1. Hi Rachel, I just found you via Fran (small bird studios). I wanted to stop in and say that I am in awe of you. . .and your physical condition. Before loosing my daughter, I was in such great shape. But unfortunately, I have not been able to keep it up. You inspire me though. Seriously, I keep dreaming of getting back into a better place physically, knowing that it will help everything else. Even though you may not have finished, you are simply amazing for even getting as far as you did.


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