Wednesday, April 27, 2011

And the winners are...

I have the winners for the Teamotions Mother's Day Give-Away (produced by a random number generator).

The five winners of the 50% off coupons are:

Heather said... My mom is definitely deserving of anything that can bring her rest and peace. She's a hard worker. Less than 2 years from retirement but is still the first to arrive and last to leave work each day. She also does so much for me and for my girls. I've been in remission from cancer for 3 years but it's taken a toll. Because of that she is very much a mom and grandma to them. I am so blessed to have my mom.

Gorby family blog said... I would love to win tea for my sweet mother. She's the BEST! She's is such a dedicated mother to six children and just as much a dedicated grandmother to her 11 grandchildren. She's amazing and I don't know what we'd do without her!

Natasha said... My mom LOVES tea and so do I! She is the most amazing mom- after losing our son she stepped in and keep us on our feet until we could do it on our own. She's done this my whole life- always there for us through any storm. She definitely deserves a cup of your lovely tea!!!

C.C. Almon said... I knew nothing about your teas before I visited your website and I am so impressed at the thought behind your line of teas. Love the way you are honoring and remembering your precious little ones.

Jenna said... My mom has always been there for me and even though we don't have the same views on everything, she's always prayed for me and been there when I needed her most.I also liked your facebook fan page! You are such a blessing, Jenna

And the Grand Prize Winner of two FREE tins of tea of their choice is...

All My Monkeys said... My mom is a tea lover, and taught me to love tea. She is constantly giving, and loving, and a great encourager (a trait I hope to learn from her). She has weathered many family storms in the last 15 yrs, and now is the time for her to concentrate on herself, and find her own health and healing. This tea would be something she would truly appreciate. And i wouldn't mind some myself.

Please email me at to claim your prize (tea or coupon)! Put GIVE-AWAY WINNER in the subject line. I look forward to hearing from you!

And since the rest of you blessed us by telling us how wonderful your mothers are and sharing your stories with us, we want to bless you back. Go to our website and type in AubreyEllie to receive 10% off your order until May 31st!

Thank you for participating and we hope you LOVE your tea.


  1. AWESOME! I never win anything. Well, guess I can't say that any more. I will figure out one for my mom and get back to you. Thanks for such a great offer. And... an opportuinity to drink some tea! :D

  2. Yay!!!!! So excited to taste your lovely tea!


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