Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Little Fish

My mother gave my son Dustin a little blue fish as a gift sometime last year. It is one of those beta fighting fish. Although it is beautiful, it lives a very solitary life. If you put other fish in the bowl, it will kill them immediately, so all alone it stays.

It lives in a glass vase on my kitchen windowsill right above the sink. When I wash dishes I stare at it, and I wash dishes often so I stare at it a lot.

To be honest, I find its solitary existence depressing. I feel bad for it swimming around in such a small space with no friends or relationships. Surely even fish get lonely right? I wonder if it is sad or bored every time I look at it. Does it long for a different life? Does it ever wonder if it was meant for more than this fish bowl existence?

It began to bother me so much that I brought my burden for this little fish to the Lord.

"Lord, you care for all the creatures of the land and sea. You created each one with a purpose. What is the purpose of this little fish?"

Weeks went by.

I just stared at the little fish day after day wondering.

And then I figured it out. Or rather, God told me. The little fish was not lonely or bored, it knew something and lived by it. Something I know but forget too easily.


Maybe its purpose was to remind me of that? I don't know. But it isn't the first time God used a fish.


  1. Love this Rachel. I needed this reminder. A beautiful beautiful reminder that God is enough. I feel like I've completely forgotten that. Completely.

    Much love to you.


  2. I totally wasn't expecting you to end up where you did with this post. Just shows faith & inspiration can come from anywhere, even from a single little blue fish in a vase. I guess God IS everywhere, as they say.
    Perhaps I should bring the problem of our fish, Samurai, who just killed and subsequently ate Sushi II to Him. (Who says there's nothing in a name??) I'm not mocking you, I was just reminded of our aquarium predicament, which wasn't the point of your post, I know, sorry!


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