Friday, December 17, 2010

Save Babies!

I saw this amazing organization on Good Morning America today. I was so touched by it because I am a mother of premature babies. My daughters did not survive as you know, but not because everything possible was not done for them. They simply came too soon. As much as my heart still hurts without them, at least I can live knowing we did all we could. How much more would I hurt to wonder or know that they could still be alive if...

Not all babies get the medical care they need to survive and premature babies and low birth weight babies are especially vulnerable. Developing nations specifically can't afford incubators for these babies. But Embrace is working to solve this problem and save babies all over the world. They manufacture an infant warmer that costs 1% of a traditional incubator, does not require electricity, can be cleaned with boiling water, and is reusable.

Please, visit their website and read how you (for very little time and money) can help them help these tiny babies. Save a life this Christmas.

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  1. I have only just found your blog and read Aubrey and Ellie's sories.. My story is very similar. I had twin boys at 24wks and they too had brain hemorrages. I wish I haad found this blog 2yrs ago.. I'm glad I have found it now though.. Much love to you and your family over the holidays xx


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