Friday, July 23, 2010

Colton James is here!

Colton James Crawford entered the world at 3:46pm weighing 7lbs 3 ounces and measuring 19.5 inches long. He is beautiful. Wavy auburn hair and rosy cheeks!

However, he had to be taken to the NICU so I would appreciate your prayers. He is fine, he was just having a hard time getting the fluids out of his lungs and keeping his oxygen saturation up on his own. He has already improved in the last five hours but they are still observing him.

Pray that he gets better and can be in my arms as soon as possible. I only got to hold him for a minute and am DYING to get my arms around him.

Thank you for loving my family. Your prayers are felt and truly appreciated.


  1. Oh so happy! Congrats! I hope he gets out of the NICU soon.

  2. So glad he is here! I am praying he gets to your loving arms ASAP!

  3. Congratulations! I am so thrilled for you. I am hoping he does well and gets out of the NICU soon. xo

  4. Congratulations!!!! Can't wait to see him!

  5. So excited for you, Rachel, congratulations! Can't wait to see some pictures:)


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