Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So Blessed

I am sitting here by myself. My husband is in the desert all week flying. It is just Dustin and me and the dog.

Its late. The house is quiet. I'm just winding down before bed. And my baby is kicking in my belly like crazy!

He relentlessly moves. Day and night! He never gives me a break. And he moves most when I am resting or trying to sleep. He certainly likes to remind me of his presence (as if I could forget).

But I love it.

Even when it keeps me up at night. And even when it annoys me. These moments are not to be taken for granted.

I am so blessed.

Especially given what today is.

I am so amazingly blessed.


  1. That is a good feeling, isn't it...Thinking of you and your sweet girls today. xx

  2. so glad you make it passed 24 weeks 4 days! I am praying you bring this baby home, nurse it and have many wonderful memories. It will be so fun to have babies together again!

  3. That feeling of your baby kicking inside of you is so amazing. Glad you are enjoying it! :)


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