Friday, January 15, 2010

Need Information

Hello blog family.

I need some help of the informational kind.

If you keep up on my posts you probably read that my doctors want to put me on progesterone injections to help prevent preterm labor. I was open to the idea but wanted to talk with the high-risk OB first before I said yes as I know practically nothing about them.

Of course, when I got home I jumped on-line to do some research. I absolutely believe in being informed and have to admit that I don't completely trust medical professionals. I am not anti-medicine by any means, but I am definitely skeptical of an underlying medical agenda that may or may not have more to do with money than what is truly in the best interest of the patient. I am not the type to follow my doctor blindly. I want ALL my decisions to be informed decisions as I am the one that has to live with them, not my doctor.

To make a long story short I would like MORE information on progesterone injections. If any of my readers have information they could pass along (ie. studies/articles/books I could read, a doctor I should call etc.) I would really appreciate it.

My main concern is that the form of progesterone used is synthetic, and that makes me nervous. Also, I cannot find any statistics or studies of how effective it is or discussing side effects/risks.

I do not feel like a very informed patient right now and I don't like that feeling. I talked to my OB on the phone today and she had nothing but vague, unsatisfactory answers for me. Hopefully the high-risk OB will have more information for me, but even still, I want more than to take my doctor's word for it.

I have a lot riding on every medical decision I make during this pregnancy. The health and safety of my baby is my top priority. And I take that very seriously. I would appreciate any help you all could throw my way.

Thanks friends.



  2. wish I could help Rachel...but if I come across anything I will pass it on :-)

    You have every right as a mother and a patient to be informed about anything Dr's want to do....will be praying for you xx

  3. I would suggest seeing an herbalist...that is bc I am anti dr and think they are full of it...
    When I found out I was pregnant my herbalist recommended I use this cream Pro-G-Yam unitl I was 14 weeks to make sure that the baby stuck, but there is no harm in using it the whole pregnancy. It wont let met copy and paste the link :(


  4. I had a whole packet of info...but I tossed it. :( I remember they're not rec. b4 16 weeks, because they haven't been shown to be helpful before then, and that there was a warning as to how it may affect the development of sexual organs (ask your high risk to elaborate). My insurance paid for an RN to come give me the shots after I was pregnant, you may want to ask about that (Hub did them for me during IVF.) Id also ask about allergies, since I was prescribed both Benadryl and an epi-pen to keep at the house in case I had a reaction. If I recall correctly the forms I had to sign basically stated that the shots weren't proven to be safe for use during pregnancy, but the RN said they were referring to b4 16 wks, even though it did not specify on the form. I had already lost one baby at that point, and with my history, I felt the benefits outwieghed the risks. I always ask for data, too, stats, etc. Sometimes the Docs dont give the answers we want, "There has been enough studies on people in our exact situation for me to answer that", etc. If you're feeling uneasy, it wouldn't huet to talk to more than one dr, if you're able to do that. I've found it can be amazing the difference in opinions from docs in the same field...
    And sometimes, you just have to trust your (informed) gut. Thinking of you.

  5. I was on the p-17 injections during my pregnancy, along with lots of my online sisters. I am a member of, where there are many people who have been on the injections. You could also discuss with Dr. Arthur Haney--he is the one who performed my surgery--and a top expert in the field. His email is online at the University of Chicago website. If you want to ask anything about it, just email me!

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