Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Dog is Missing!

I am asking for your prayers tonight as my puppy Chevelle is missing.

Apparently she got out of our backyard by somehow getting our side gate open and made a run for it. I have looked everywhere for her, but have not found her.

It is dark and cold out now and I am worried. Please ask God to keep her safe and return her to us as soon as possible. My fear, of course, is that she has been hit by a car as we live near two very busy main roads. Pray that this is not the case.

My family and I will be quite sad if something bad has happened to her. She is special to us.

Thank you for caring.


  1. Hope your puppy comes home soon :(

  2. Oh Rachel, I hope she comes home to you safely!

  3. :( praying that Chevelle comes home soon!

  4. :( Oh, no!! Dogs r so sneaky, mine used to open the gate latch with his nose, it took us forever to figure out how he was getting out. I hope she finds her way back to you safe and sound.


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