Monday, December 14, 2009

I Need a Favor...

I need a favor...

As you know, I live in San Diego. And it does not snow in San Diego, ever! It does rain, sometimes anyway.

I would like to have my girls' names written in the snow. It is hard to write in the rain.

Is there anyone out there who could do that for me and take a picture of it and send it to me?

Aubrey and Ellie.

Just those two names, side by side.

If I had their names in the snow, I would have their names written in each season; in the sand in summer, on leaves in the fall, on gardenias in the spring, and hopefully in the snow in winter.

I would be deeply grateful.

So amazingly deeply grateful.


  1. Done, Im sending it now. Hope you like it! *HUGS*

  2. I'd do it for you too...but it seems like all we are getting here is rain too.....i want some snow

  3. Wish I would've known this over the weekend b/c we went to a place where there was lots of snow! But none here where I live right now. Sorry!

  4. If I had only read this 3 days our snow is melted :(
    It's a wonderful idea, Rachel. I'm going to steal it during our next snowfall.

  5. Well of course! Shoulda asked me this sooner...we got plenty here right now. And I bet you'll be able to do it too next week! Sam and I can head out and do it tomorrow - the snow is still pretty fresh!

  6. Hey Rach - I tried to do this for you last week, but couldn't get the picture to come out. However, it felt very special to write your girls' names in the snow and I did send out a special thought to you while I was doing it. Love to you and your family! Tammy


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