Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Aubrey's Name

I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but I have always known that if I ever had a daughter I would name her Aubrey. When I was very young I fell in love with that name. When I met my husband one of the first things I did was ask him what he thought of the name. It was one of my secret husband requirements. I just had to have that name.

I first heard it in a song by a band called Bread. Bread was a very popular band in the 70s and since my dad loved 70s music I grew up listening to Bread a lot. They remain one of my favorite bands today, mostly because their music brings back endless memories of my happy childhood. But also because they have a song called Aubrey, the very inspiration behind the name of my first born daughter.

I wanted to post the lyrics here so that everyone could see what inspired Aubrey's name. As I read through them though they made me very sad. The song is strangely descriptive and hit a little too close to home.

Honestly, it made me cry.

Let me know if you read the similarities too.

Aubrey by Bread

And Aubrey was her name,
A not so very ordinary girl or name.

But who's to blame?
For a love that wouldn't bloom
For the hearts that never played in tune.
Like a lovely melody that everyone can sing,
Take away the words that rhyme it doesn't mean a thing.

And Aubrey was her name.
We tripped the light and danced together to the moon,
But there was June.

No it never came around.
If it did it never made a sound,
Maybe I was absent or was listening to fast,
Catching all the words,
but then the meaning going past,

But God I miss the girl,
And I'd go a thousand times around the world just to be
Closer to her than to me.

And Aubrey was her name,
I never knew her, but I loved her just the same,
I loved her name.

Wish that I had found the way
And the reasons that would make her stay.

I have learned to lead a life apart from all the rest.
If I can't have the one I want,
I'll do without the best.

But how I miss the girl
And I'd go a million times around the world just to say
She had been mine for a day.


  1. Wow thats even kind a spooky that its that close to home. I chose to think of it like a hug being sent from your precious angel saying Hello Im thinking of you. I think its sweet. I wish I had a song for Bryston. HUGS!

  2. That is beautiful. I had never heard the name Aubrey before finding your blog but i really like it. I like that it is diferent.

  3. The lyrics gave me goosbumps. Aubrey was our 2nd choice in a name for Janessa. Its so beautiful.

  4. Thanks for sharing the lyrics. Aubrey is a beautiful name!

  5. It's like it was written for your Aubrey. So beautiful and sad all at the same time, I can see why they made you cry. I adore her name, both of your girls' names.


  6. Rachel, I just listened to that song on YouTube and wow, it's even more sad. Sad and beautiful.


  7. oh sweet Rachel- how absolutely precious.
    What a special way to remember your darling Aubrey.
    Thanks for sharing such a special story.
    much love to you and your family xx

  8. Wow....that is amazing. Aubrey is a lovely name and of couse I think Ellie is a pretty special name too!! xx

  9. The lyrics to the song are amazing and the similarities are there. Aubrey is such a sweet name and I can see how you fell in love with it.


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