Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Honest Scrap Award!

Apparently I have been nominated for an Honest Scrap Award (Thank you Heather, Franchesca, and Tina!). I will do my duty as an honoree and nominate 7 other blogs I find honest, meaningful and inspirational (and send them a comment to notify them of their nomination) as well as list 10 interesting facts about myself you may not know. If you have been nominated please follow these directions and post them on your blog as well.

My blog list follows:
Summer@ A Family in Bloom
Tina @ Living Without Sophia and Ellie
Franchesca @ Hand Prints from Heaven
Chelsea @ Our Biggest Blessing

Interesting Facts:

1) I had braces for over 5 years. My original orthodontist retired before I got my braces off so I was handed over to orthodontist number two. I also had to wear head gear. Although it felt like the greatest tragedy of my life at the time to be a head gear wearing brace face for almost the entirety of my teen years, I can say I have fully recovered from the trauma. And I now have very straight teeth!

2) My three food loves are tea, chocolate, and wine, in that order. I love their complexity and that each offers a different level of indulgence and satisfaction. Tea inspires thought. I often contemplate life, do my daily devotion, or blog with a cup of tea in hand. Chocolate is the ultimate reward for a long and hectic day and some how feels less bad for me than other sweet treats. And wine makes me feel sophisticated and cultured. Taking a sip of wine in between sentences of a meaningful conversation over dinner makes me feel like a real adult. The experience of these three foods is as meaningful to me as how they taste.

3) Traveling is my passion. Before I was married I went on a lot of mission trips and traveled as much as possible. I still hear the far off places calling to me and it is my life goal to see as much of the world as possible. And I hope to have my husband and son by my side as I do it.

4) I am a pretty good cook. I can't draw or paint, I don't have a knack for interior decorating, and I never learned to play an instrument, but I can cook. I think it is my little dose of artistic talent (everyone has at least one). And since I love to eat and good food brings people together I feel blessed to at least have a little bit of creativity in the kitchen.

5) I met my husband on Eharmony.com. I joined the site on a dare to prove to a friend that only weirdos try to meet people on-line. My social experiment backfired. Not only did I meet my husband there but he was my very first match. We will be married 5 years in January.

6) I also (like Heather) can write with my left hand a mirror image of what I write with my right hand. It isn't something I taught myself, it is just something I have always been able to do. Strange I know.

7) I hate potato bugs. I cannot emphasize the word HATE enough. They are ugly, scary bugs that make my skin crawl just to look at them. My husband does not believe me but one time I tried to kill one with a garden hoe and I hit it dead on and it wasn't even fazed. They are indestructible alien bugs that are impossible to kill and I HATE them.

8) I am in the process of starting a tea company called Teamotions. My sister and I are creating an entire line of teas blended with herbs that have emotional healing and wellness properties. The idea came after losing Aubrey and Ellie. As a matter of fact, I was just in Los Angeles today for my first tasting of our custom blends. The teas are amazing. They smell and taste wonderful. We are starting off with five blends, one for each stage of grieving, but plan to extend our line to cover the entire spectrum of emotions. My hope is that our tea will comfort many other mothers who have lost babies, as well as any other person going through an emotionally difficult time.

9) My favorite movies are Braveheart, Lonesome Dove, and Gladiator. I can't help it. I love epic, triumphant, not even death will stop us-type movies. Truly, they stir my soul. I LOVE to be inspired.

10) When I was in high school I could do bar dips with a 25 lb weight belt on. And a lot of them. Now I don't even think I could do one without a weight belt. I miss youth! Oh to be 16 again.

I hope you enjoyed these little facts. It was a nice departure from my usual post.


  1. Thanks for sharing Rachel! #7 made me laugh, as I feel that way about most bugs (except butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, and caterpillars/worms, praying mantis, and maybe stick bugs). EEEEEEWwwwwwww!! Good luck with your tea co., Sounds great!

  2. PS thanks for the nomination, too!

  3. Ohh can't wait to hear more about the tea! That is awesome what you are doing! I love tea too :) I often think I missed my calling and should have gone to school to be a chef.



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