Monday, August 10, 2009

Join Me!

Check out my new blog dedicated to running the race, and the Silver Strand Half Marathon!

**ANOTHER UPDATE!!!!! For those of you who can't run or don't want to run, but still would like to honor your baby/babies in heaven, I would be happy to put the name of your child/children on my jersey and run for you. Submit the name of your baby/babies as a comment or in an email and I will be certain to include them. I also hope to make the t-shirts available to purchase if you would like to have one as a keepsake. I would be honored to run for your children.

*UPDATE!!!!!!! I have some ideas about what our t-shirts (or tank tops) should say (although I don't have graphics or design ideas yet). On the front it could read: Running the Race, Perseverance Personified! Putting one foot in front of the other after loss. And on the back it could say: In memory of the babies we loved and lost and underneath that will be a list of all the names of our children in heaven. What do you think? Let me know. I am open to other ideas as well. I am thinking out loud here. Original post follows:

I have decided to run the 2009 Silver Strand Half Marathon on Coronado Island in San Diego AGAIN this November, but this time I want to invite you to join me. Before you think I am crazy, hear me out...

Last year, after my daughters died, I was desperate for anything that might take some of my pain away. So what did I do? Well, I decided to run a half marathon. Sounds crazy I know, but I was convinced it would help. I knew it would benefit both my emotional and physical healing so I decided to go for it. What did I have to lose? I had never run a half marathon before nor was I in shape to do so. Between being pregnant for six months and then having a c-section it would take a miracle to get ready and the thought of running 13.1 miles seemed impossible, but I wanted to do it. I had to prove to myself that I could do it. And truthfully it felt small compared to the marathon of grief I was already running.

So I trained for 10 weeks. I could barely run at first. But I kept at it. By the time race day came I was ready. I didn't set any new records, but I finished the race. And it felt amazing! When I crossed the finish line I knew it would not be my last half marathon.

A year later I am ready to run again. And I want to share the experience. I cannot promise that running will fix all your problems or take away the pain you feel, it certainly was not the magic cure to my own grief. But it did reignite in me the desire to persevere and it reminded me of how much I love living, even after the loss of my sweet girls. Both figuratively and literally speaking, I want to run the race.

Do you want to run the race? So come on then, run with me!

I would love to have t-shirts made for all of us running. It would be an amazing tribute to the babies we lost as well as a powerful way to support each other on our healing journey. If you want to run, email me at or leave your name and email as a comment. I will keep a list and we can all support each other as we train. At the bottom of this post is the link to the race site. You can register there. Also, if you sign up on you can have a half marathon training plan printed out specifically for your running level. I assure you anyone can do this. And you will be glad you did

So lets run the race....together!

You can find information about the race here:
Sign up by October and save some money.
This is a great first half marathon for those of you that are intimidated. It is flat (no hills!) and the weather is great in November. Be brave!

That's me, second from the left!


  1. I have never run any more than a mile in my life. yet somehow I'm tempted to see how far I could get...

  2. I had written a comment here before, I thought, but now it's not computer has been buggin out lately...
    Thanks for all your support, Rachel. Too bad we live across the country from each other. Seems like we have way too much in common :(
    Your marathon post has motivated me to start training myself, even though I wo'nt be making it to San Diego. Maybe I'll just run it on the treadmill that day? This will be tough for me, Ive never been a long distance runner. I'd be honored to have Bridgitte and Ashlyn included on the shirt. I'm going to check out the runners world site for some help, thanks for that info. I thought I wanted to take boxing lessons or something since I'm so pissed off, then I could punch something, but maybe running will have the same effect!

  3. It's a great idea! I'm running the Perth City to Surf in two weeks and this is EXACTLY what I'm doing. I took requests from parents who had lost children and we've written them on a flower. The t'shirts I'm using are being printed this week.
    It's really motivated me to train. I got the idea from Lauren's Jog Blog. Lauren has used her suffering in such an inspirational way too. Good on you!

  4. Oh Rachel the t-shirt sounds GREAT!!! I would love for you to include Sophia's & Ellie's names on it. I wish I had more time to train and participate...I am still thinking about it though!!!

  5. I was very much the same as you. I did a triathlon though. I have been asked to do a 1/2 marathon but we are TTC and running while preggo is not do able for me. Maybe next year! :)


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